Stayner Painting Projects Winter 2020


The renovation project for the Stayner kitchen was a huge undertaking, that started Dec. 28th, 2018 and continued right through to February 2019. Every weekend and during the week as well, there were volunteers on site keeping the project on track.  Enough cannot be said about our volunteers who gave up their weekends, drove for hours just to get to Stayner, brought their own tools, and willingly gave of their time.  Next time you are on the grounds be sure to stop into the kitchen and take a peek.

Now that 2020 is here we quickly turn to projects for this year.  Back in the spring of 2014 the renovation of our lodge rooms was completed and we welcomed our first guests in May of that year.  It’s time to refresh the paint in several of our rooms.  If you are willing to assist with tackling a room with a friend let us know!  One day – one room.  We can get it done.

Contact us for more info or to get involved!

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