M.A.I.L. Mysteries!


Detectives Needed! Stayner HOTM Campers and Family Camp Kids!

We are missing our Day Camps and Family Camp Sessions this year. Oh those week-long sessions are fun, but why not have a camp activity that runs for 8 weeks instead of 5 days? And what if we could keep it (mostly) tech-free?

Introducing M.A.I.L. Mysteries!

Help find a missing camp mascot! Mercury McFlapperson is a detective, and as one of his new recruits, you’re on the case! Each week, you’ll get a small piece of a bigger mystery, as well as Christ-centred activities and games that will keep you wanting next week to arrive tomorrow!

So parents – for $50 + HST, an envelope with weekly challenges and learning arrives by Canada Post or porch drop off for your camper. Keep the spirit of summer camp alive. Regular FB posts as to Mercury’s ability to get his team to solve the puzzle will appear so all of Stayner Camp will know when – WHEW! – the mystery is solved.

Best suited for ages 8-13. Parents can determine if their older or younger child would find it fun.

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